Why corporate entertainment?

We live in a busy world of digital communication. Our lives simplified by phones, iPads, computers, Twitter, Facebook and email. Connected via Skype or face time and yet…..isn’t it lovely when you actually get to see a person….for real! To speak face to face not via a screen and to give that person one of your most valued things…..your time.

Hard work

Business is hard work, it requires real effort and dedication. Whilst businesses continue to adapt and restructure their goals, workplace and work forces;  earlier starts, later finishes, shorter lunches, deadlines, targets and so on. An aspect of business that still remains vital to this day is the links we make in business, links with fellow workers and employees and the all important links with our customers.  They are the people who pay our wages and keep our business alive.  In times of economic difficulties it is the strong business relationships, the relationships that you gave your time and consideration to that serve to support you.


At Yeaveley Estate we have been offering Corporate entertainment since the early 1960’s ; with a proven track record in corporate entertainment of over 50 years we are very confident that we have the experience & expertise to make your day memorable for both your clients & your staff.

What to do

A day, a morning or an afternoon of corporate entertainment at Yeaveley is the perfect way to introduce a sales promotion, new . product launch, add spice to a sales meeting, nurture existing client relationships, and create solid foundations for cementing new business ventures. From inception we will help you plan your day and offer suggestions for a follow up programme.


We do not produce a price list or a menu for our Corporate entertainment;  Why?…because we understand that every business has different needs depending on what it is trying to achieve and of course the available budget. It is so important that your day is exactly that. A day tailored to your specific requirements so there is no such thing as typical day.

Call 01335 330247

We are here to offer help & advice to help you plan the perfect corporate entertainment event so please call or email us to discuss your day. If you would like to visit the Estate to discuss at first hand your requirements we would be very happy to show you around.