A bushcraft hen or stag party makes for a very different and unusual weekend.

Our bushcraft and survival experience won’t turn you into the next Bear Grylls – but it will teach you some valuable skills you can impress your friends with next time you’re out and about in the wilds of the coutnryside (or even the local park!).

Each experience is different – as the seasons change so does the evironment around us, and reading your environment is one of the core skills of bushcraft.

What we we cover…
Our bushcraft experiences vary, but a session can include:

  • How to source drinking water
  • Foraging for food – what to eat and what not to eat!
  • Making a fire
  • How to skin & cook a rabbit over an open fire
  • Shelter building
  • Making a fire

  • The all important brief

  • Fuel for the fire

  • Foraging for food

  • Making a brew

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